Sagaz Virgen Extra Sin Filtrar 500ml.

Extra Virgen Olive Oil of the highest quality and purity.Unfiltered.

Cold pressed from the Picual variety of olives, pure flavour, and health.

Recommended use: This oil really shines when used raw. Salads, toast, soups, sauces, gazpachos. The picual variety contains a high content of oleic acid (omega9), polyphenols and antioxidants. Recommended consumption in 6 months.

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Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Dark green, matt. Unfiltered.

Nose:Strong aromas of fresh herbs, combined with notes of olive leaf and lemongrass. Persistent and harmonious, the fruity sensations are less intense.

Palate: Astringent with great character and personality, creamy and slightly peppery.

Fresh herbs and green fruits. Notes of green leaves and mountain scents in the aftertaste.