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Wisdom & Sophistication

Time matures the olive tree respectfully but leaves its mark. It wizens the tree, twisting and shrinking it, gradually hollowing it out. It fills its branches with golden treasures with hard stones, but also with knotted joints and rugged striations Age matures the olive tree making it stronger, nobler and wiser. And although it is not immortal, it gives all the appearance of being so. It persists in the memory like beloved people long gone live on in our hearts. Its values, know-how and traditions are passed lovingly from one generation to the next, forming part of the most beautiful tree of them all: the family tree.

These are the roots of Sagaz, an olive oil as old as the hills and full of history. Everybody has a tale to be told and the story of Sagaz is the tale of the Latorre family and the more than magic mountain-range of Sierra Mágina.

There is one tree that represents the essence of the best in the Mediterranean: from Jaén to Barcelona, from Andalusia to the rest of the world, from the olive tree to your table and to the delight of palates of people from different parts of the world; for those who appreciate the essential values of good olive oil and not only its healthy and nutritious properties. Sagaz is designed to seduce you as a necessary luxury and not as a necessity.

Sagaz is a hand-pressed extra-virgin olive oil with the added-value flavour of oil that has been lovingly and selflessly crafted to its finest essence over the years. Despite its humble roots, it is raised to the highest levels of distinction and sophistication by the traditional skills applied to its quality refinement, its magnificent flavour and its subtlety. Its simple charms gently seduce our senses but with all the strength of its rugged trunk and origins. Sagaz is the height of elegance in olive oils. And what is elegance if not an inborn quality, the marriage of all that is best in appearance and the finest and noblest of intrinsic qualities. And what is elegance? A way of being, not of having. When the inside is just as beautiful as the outside.

Sierra Magina y su Olivar

Affection & Harmony

We learn from trees never to forget our roots.Sagaz is rooted in the traditions of the land of its birth, the soil in Bélmez de la Moraleda, in the region of Sierra Mágina in the province of Jaén, in the South of Spain. As a result, there is one added component that sets it apart from all other extra-virgin olive oils and that component is care.

tender loving care It is made with tender loving care for everything that the soil means to those who tend it, nurture it and give thanks for its bounties: it is all of a gourmet gift for the senses. Close your eyes and savour it.

To know it is to love it (especially with a good thick hunk of crusty bread). Why are we so convinced that once you know Sagaz, you will love it forever? Because there are no false promises with Sagaz. Everything is finely tuned to produce greatest affinity with the most refined palates, from its packaging through to the excellent quality of its contents, there are no discordant notes. This is a special olive oil and you will sense it as soon as you taste it. So what you see- the loving detail in the packaging, the traditional care in the production and the elegance of its presentation – is what you get. No one could ask for anything more.


Guarantee & Good

Sagaz offers you an all-round guarantee of quality. It is a product bearing the Qualified Designation of Origin (Denominación de Origen in Spanish) “Sierra Mágina”, in itself a guarantee of good taste, n the broadest possible sense, both inside and out, content and continent. We have chosen to package our oil as if it were liquid gold in an elegant, attractive collector’s design – what you have in your hands is a priceless gift.

The peculiar layout of the land makes this 60,000-hectare olive grove yields less production than other groves in Jaén. However, the altitude and the early harvest in October, together with the sophisticated pressing techniques employed make this QDO in general, and our olive oil in particular, into a product of supreme quality, worthy of international awards.


Art & Ambition

So what has art to do with our work if we are not artists or musicians but producers of olive oil, you may ask. However, in reality, this is the art and beauty of our everyday life, the creativity we bring to each new beginning and setting, even if we are only mopping up the remains of our olive oil with a thick slice of crusty homemade bread.

Art is magic, that delicate balance of the senses the moment we fall under the hypnotic sway of our eyes and feel that you need that jewel on your table or when we are taken by surprise by the sudden tingle in our mouth when we savour the taste. It produces unexpected associations. The sight of olive groves stretching away beyond the horizon will bring to your mind the feel of a newly picked olive in the gnarled hands of tradition. Art is organic. It is everywhere in Nature. It is good for you. Like our natural organic extra-virgin olive oil. The multiple manifestations of art never fail to move us. Are you ready to be moved when you discover that all olive oils are not the same but are also multiple manifestations of a magic art?

But art alone does not move the world. Ambition is needed but not in the sense of unbounded greed at any price but rather the healthy ambition that makes us strive toward greatness, to growth and development. That is the ambition of Sagaz. Our ambition is to conquer international markets as the best EVOO

(Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Only the best can afford the luxury and overcome the perils of venturing afar without losing their roots.


Sagacity & Sophistication

Crafty people hide their skills with evil arts to achieve their ends. Zealous people, however, are subtly capable of discerning with ease what others find difficult to understand or discover. Zealous people are rapid wits but zeal must be tempered by wisdom, by sagacity, to be positive. Positively zealous people are distinguished by their intelligence, measure, nobility and foresight.

Sagaz is an olive oil that combines all the positive component qualities of the letters of its name in an elegant and noble product in a precious bottle. It is so full of virtues that it is difficult to imagine that it is capable of offering still more, but that indeed is the case. This is an extra-virgin olive oil that can be trusted to deliver on its promises. We trust in our product because we know who we are and the value of what we offer and that is, in itself, a measure of trust. Brand trustworthiness and consumer goodwill make any product into a winner. Sustainable and sustained zest and health are promises you can bank on with this gourmet eco-product. Sagaz inspires and creates trust.